Joynup Joynup is a SaaS B2C platform that transforms how couples build and communicate about relationships, offering a new path to smart, informed romance. Joynup offers a modern alternative to traditional marriage and divorce, where couples can communicate openly, build trust and transparency, form flexible agreements, store and track life data, protect their property and break up without drama. Home Page

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Here's how Joynup™ works...

Joynup guides meaningful discussions.
Take thought-provoking quizzes and talk to each other like never before. Form your plans for a great life together. Name what’s important up front. Honor the differences and find the common path.

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Joynup is here to help.

Learn more about popular topics and find helpful resources in our FAQs and Blog. Reach out to us on our Contact Us page. Or connect with our growing community on social media at the links below.

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Making progress,


Joynup has a leveling system that shows you how much progress you've been making - while keeping you motivated with rewards during the journey.

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Joynup - a new path to modern romance.

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