Joynup Joynup is a SaaS B2C platform that transforms how couples build and communicate about relationships, offering a new path to smart, informed romance. Joynup offers a modern alternative to traditional marriage and divorce, where couples can communicate openly, build trust and transparency, form flexible agreements, store and track life data, protect their property and break up without drama. Home Page

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Your future.
Your way.

Joynup was founded to modernize relationships, commitment, marriage and divorce, so you don’t put everything at risk to be together.

A new relationship may feel risky. Think of Joynup as your relationship insurance.

Once a partner, always a partner.

We build life-long connections to people we love. Although our interactions change, our ties can continue long after break ups. Joynup supports the full life cycle of relationships. Your agreements can be changed when your relationships change, at no additional charge, so they are never out of date. From the time you become a couple until you breakup and become friends, business partners and co-parents, your agreements can serve as a reference for all of your decisions.

Our Values

Solid promises are the foundation of a committed relationship. Joynup supports ...

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We are reinventing relationships.

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